Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Everyone can teach great media production with "Everyone Can Create" curriculum guides from Apple

During last Spring's launch of the newest iPad Apple debuted its new curriculum effort, "Everyone Can Create". iLife has always led the way when it comes to great tools that allow students to create at a high level. Now teachers and students can download a series of guides that turn "good" student projects into "great" student projects. 

The guides dig deep into the iPad's capabilities and provide easy to follow tutorials that will have students seeing immediate improvements in how they use the devices. 

Activities like taking photo walks, sketching original emojis, making documentaries, and even learning to mix music will help you and your students produce like professionals in Keynote, Clips, iMovie, Photos, and a few third party applications like Tayasui Sketches. 

Check 'em out. The links below open in iTunes. You can also download all of the guides directly in the iBooks app.