Chromebook Creativity Project

Since sharing some depressing data on how Chromebooks are being used by over 5,000,000 students in America's schools, great conversations have begun over what do we do about it.

In my post I stated my dismay over the fact no creative sites were listed anywhere in the report. In order to help rectify this, I am beginning this page of links to sites that Chromebook-using learners can use to demonstrate learning in visual ways beyond the traditional typed document.

All of these sites are free and with limited or no ads. Many require no accounts to use and ones that do require accounts often let users use an existing Google Account. Some do have premium features that can be added for a fee.

This is a work in progress and I will be constantly updating with new sites as well as lesson ideas.

Best Photo Tools (Editor and Express) (right click extension)
Pixlr X
Pixlr Express
Photopea - Saves in .PSD format and edits existing .PSD files

Photo Editors and Designers

Ribbet (Chrome App) - Access Google Photos and save back in Google Photos

Mecabricks lets you build your own Lego Han Solo...and 3d print him too.

3D Printing and CAD

Mecabricks - Online Lego builder that can be downloaded for 3D printing. No registration needed to build but user must be logged in to download files and save.
Planner 5D - Interior design site
Roomstyler 3D - Room planning site
Tinkercad - Great 3D design site. Does require log-in. 


Audio Editors

Beautiful Audio Editor - Chrome-based audio mixer
Mix the Cloud - DJ crossfader for Soundcloud and YouTube audio
Soundtrap - Multiple layer audio mixer
Speak Pipe - Receive audio messages or use as a super simple audio recorder

Charts and Infographics

Photo edited with Lunapic

Creating with Code

eBook Publishing

Book Creator App - This one does require some front-loaded setup but is a great tool for students to share learning. Book Creator Ambassador Kelly Croy shares some insight on this episode of this Wired Educator podcast.

Video Creation and Digital Story Creation

Adobe Spark - All kinds of creativity tools. 
Screencastify - Record your screen WeVideo - Video editor

Animate any portrait with facial expressions at Avatar.Pho.To

Really Fun but still Useful

Photofunia - Small number of image effects may contain weapons or be of a PG nature.


  1. Does you district or state expect you to veg apps that students use?

  2. Yes, I don't know if explicitly stated but definitely an expectation.

  3. Thanks for these...yep, my school is still in the 60's...but I have hope!!

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