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Christmas 2023

Andy Losik has been teaching since the early 1990s and along the way he has found some real gems when it comes to products his students love, are very effective for fostering learning in the classroom.

Since 2013, Andy has appeared on the local NBC affiliate each Christmas season to unveil his yearly gift guide full of fun ideas designed to yield creativity and learning.

Feel free to contact Andy at with questions on any of these products or for further recommendations.

Full disclosure: Mr. Losik receives a small commission on each product purchased through these links as an Amazon affiliate. Products that he chooses to list are in no way influenced by any financial incentive and only listed because he believes in them.

Cool Stuff Used in STEM

Our Glowforge laser cutter and engraver is a game changer when it comes to makerspace-type activities. We do everything from making fun necklaces to building replicas of our school, even a Mackinaw Bridge out of gingerbread. 

If you want to see more about what it can do, look at this:

Here is a referral code so that you can get a discount of up to $500 - and I'll get the same amount for referring you.

Christmas Lists

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