Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tackling Technical Text with Paper Airplanes at Instructables com

Tackling Technical Text with Paper Airplanes at 

 I was recently searching with my wife for go to technical texts that she could use with her fourth graders as they tackle how directions are written and strategies for comprehending them.

I decided to take a deeper look at I've had the app for years but always thought of it as this way-out set of instructions for building things like charcoal powered generators or a suit of armor made from pop can tabs.

The site is actually loaded with easy to build, fun stuff like paper airplanes...some simple, some complex. Many of the instructions are written by kids too.

The second-graders dove right in to the many offerings. Some had to overcome the fact the task would take some thinking, trial and error, and perseverance. Overall, we ended up experiencing a lot of learning and having a lot of fun as this relentless winter raged on.

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