Monday, October 26, 2015

Connect With NFL Play 60 Challenge Teacher Materials

The NFL and American Heart Association have been presenting the "Play 60" program for a number of years in attempts to get kids moving and building active lifestyles. Now materials are easier than ever for teachers to access.

The Play 60 Teachers Guide site offers a downloadable teachers manual as well as student challenge journals customized to local teams. Activity can now be tracked online and there are training orientation videos.  Classroom scoreboards and certificates of completion are also available for teachers to download. Resources are also available in Spanish.

In addition to the much shorter four-week challenge, extension activities are provided for making an active lifestyle part of a schools culture once the initial challenge is over. There are also getting started guides and quick tips for keeping kids and staff motivated throughout the year.

Play 60 now also has its own app. It might seem counter-intuitive that an organization committed to getting kids active would create something connected to electronic-induced stillness. The cool thing about the app is that to play the game, kids have to run and jump in place.

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