Friday, February 2, 2018

Yes....and - Alice Keeler continues the Chromebook Crisis conversation

Thanks to educational ball-of-fire extraordinaire Alice Keeler for continuing the conversation after  deemed earlier in the week that we are in a Chromebook crisis.

Original post: An American Chromebook Crisis: new report shows sad trends of how students are using the devices

A new report shows a huge amount of Chromebook use is being spent on educationally questionable video games, low level assessments, and YouTube with the two highest trending websites for over 5,000,000 learners (after G Suite for Education) being CoolMath Games and Renaissance Learning, the parent company to Accelerated Reader and other assessments.

Having followed the great stuff Alice publishes for years, she was actually one of the first people I thought of when I read the study and couldn't wait to hear her reaction. Well, here it is!

Chromebook Crisis: We can and must do better. -

My favorite thing about Alice's post is that it not only expands upon for my call for more students creating with Chromebooks in classrooms, but Alice gives teachers all kinds of suggestions on how to do this with the sites I mentioned in my original post.

And...that's what is so great about the educational technology community. The ideas and plans for doing better are freely available and Alice is one of the best at giving practical, implement-and-make-a-difference-now ideas that don't require huge levels of skill to make work.

Let's do this. We can and must do better.

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