Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019

Turn It Up to 11: EduProtocols on iPads

Here are the slides for my CUE Rock Star Black Label presentation for Lake Elsinore Unified Schools.

Slide Deck

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Science on the Grand - VAEI - July 15-16

It's an honor to present three sessions this year at Van Andel Institute's "Science on the Grand" conference. Here are links to my presentation slides and session resources for the two day event.

Monday July 15, 2019

Zip Lining Into a Growth Mindset:  No elementary student is too young to develop a growth mindset and an understanding of the design process. Experience how an activity like stretching fish line across a classroom to create a Lego zip line can teach students as young as four perseverance and the steps engineers follow when creating new products.

  • Celebrate Epic Disasters

STEM Smart Start: While we often hear of the importance of positive culture in the classroom, most teachers just roll the dice and hope kids come pre-programmed to work together. Culture doesn’t “just happen” and must be intentionally cultivated. Explore ways STEM teachers create a culture of creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.
Tuesday July 16, 2019

Trashy Gliders: There is a big difference between learning about science and DOING science. In our elementary STEM program students conduct experiments by following testing protocols while discovery the elements of flight. Learn the processes we follow while building and flying gliders made from 3D printed parts.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Create Your Own Custom Culture With My Vans Digital Design Decks

While my elementary kids are too young to enter the annual Vans Custom Culture Contest (where high schoolers can win $75K for their art programs), I have still found ways to spark creativity with their free templates available on the contest site.

While the printable templates are fun for some unplugged creativity, I have converted the lace-up model into digital form for Keynote, Google Slides, and PowerPoint. Because Keynote is just so stinking rad, there is a ton more functionality because you can fill shapes with images or mask images with precision as shoe parts. PowerPoint has its own cool abilities like filling with images and adding textures.   The slides version will let you click on a part and then customize your colors. Users on all platforms can then do further customization by applying graphics with transparent backgrounds on different parts.

The process started by uploading a digital image of a coloring template into Keynote and then I edited shapes (Right click a shape. Select "Make Editable".) to match each part. It's a pretty easy process to master with some practice. Just turn down the opacity so you can see the image you are copying.

The forefoot section, as are all parts of this shoe, is really a shape made in Keynote.

Once I was able to create each part of the shoe, then the real fun started. I was able to simply color some parts and mask other parts with images. One of my all-time favorite photographers is Clark Little, a Hawaiian surfer who braves the shorebreak of the fabled North Shore to create incredible images. Right up there with my love for Clark's work is my love for Vans themselves. So, I imagined the perfect art vs. fashion collaboration and mocked up my own dream set of Clark Little Vans. I then took one more step and put to use the new export as "animated gif" feature and created an image to show them all off.

.Gif created in Keynote with new export feature .

So what kind of cool "custom culture" will you or your students create with the templates?

Keynote Deck 
Google Slides Deck
PowerPoint Deck

Saturday, April 6, 2019

CUE Masterclass: Transform Teaching with MacOS - Enroll Today - $69

Apple's  Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and iMovie have long been considered powerful tools for the classroom but applying all of that potential can be a real challenge.

CUE's six week Masterclass "Transform Teaching with MacOS", will not only help you amplify your skills with these apps more but also develop a whole quiver of new ways to amplify your teaching.

Engage learners with multimedia rich "SuperDocs" in Pages and have them export their learning as multitouch iBooks. Discover a minimum of 20 ways to use Keynote for everything but presentations. Get organized with Numbers and overhaul student-created videos with professional techniques.

Apple Distinguished Educator Andy Losik will host three live Zoom conferences and provide on-demand assistance throughout the class and get you prepped to gain AppleTeacher certification. All of this for just $69.

Sign up today as class begins on April 16.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

It's MACUL#19 - My Sessions and Resources

The annual Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL - muhCULL) Conference is back and over 5000 educators will gather in Detroit to learn and share the ways they're impacting students by integrating technology.

This week has been an amazing recharge to my teaching batteries every year since 2005. Here's my schedule of presentations and links to resources.

Full Conference Planner


10:00 am - Foster Creativity Through Visual Storytelling with Keynote - Room 258

Learn how Apple Distinguished Educators empower students to create interactive portfolios, movies, and more"with fun animations, personal illustrations, and customizable shapes"using the Keynote app on iPad. More than a presentation tool, Keynote gives students a powerful way to visually think through stories and ideas.

1:00 pm - Creativity Cage Match: Google Slides vs. Apple Keynote - Room 310A

It's the ultimate app showdown as a Google Certified Everything and an Apple Distinguished Something-or-other slug it out for 60 electrifying minutes to see whether Google Slides or Apple's Keynote will reign supreme. Will Slides' global collaboration features overcome Keynote's insanely great animations or will Keynote's Instant Alpha put Slides' transparent export in a full nelson? We'll give you the whole seat but you'll only need the edge! Session Resources

4:00 pm - Curbing a Chromebook Crisis - Room 310B

As Chromebook adoption has soared in recent year, so has data showing that millions of machines are being used primarily for low level assessments, educationally questionable games, and YouTube. Become part of the solution by increasing your knowledge Chrome-based creativity tools, by integrating time-tested educational protocols, and by exploring how you can join the #CreateWithChrome movement. Help curb this growing crisis. Session Resources


8:30 am - Apple Everyone Can Create Playground - Atrium

Come and experience the tremendously engaging...and free creativity curriculum from Apple. A whole bunch of Apple Distinguished Educators will be on hand with a bunch of Apple hardware to show you how easy it is to lead your learners in creating stunning art, images, animation, music, and video all through the free iBooks downloads. Session Resources

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Great Slate of Featured Speakers Highlights #MACUL19

The MACUL conference is always a highlight of my teaching year. This March's edition is in Detroit and features a great slate of featured speakers, many who have shared at MACUL for numerous years.

Check out the featured speakers page at for more details and individual bios for the presenters pictured below.

Follow them on social media to connect in the coming weeks' run-up to the conference.

Kasey Bell - @ShakeUpLearning
Adam Bellow - @adambellow
Richard Byrne - @rmbyrne
Leslie Fisher - @lesliefisher
Abbey Futrell - @AbbeyFutrell
Ronen Habib -  @Roni_Habib
Rushton Hurley - @rushtonh
Thomas Murray - @thomascmurray
Joe Sanfelippo - @joe_sanfelippo
Dean Shareski - @shareski
Sarah Wood - @woodsar